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Minnie’s Food Pantry: Celebrates 12 years of Service.

April 1,2020  is Minnie's Food Pantry 12th birthday. Our charity will celebrate  providing over 15 million healthy meals, educational resources and the red-carpet treatment to every person that has walked through our doors. From single parents trying to feed their children, to business executives who have been laid off, the face of hunger is changing daily as we see clients coming from all walks of life. But through it all, Minnie’s Food Pantry remains a source of not only food, but encouragement and hope for all those we serve. At Minnie’s Food Pantry, it is our job to ensure every person who walks through our doors are treated with the upmost dignity and respect as they receive healthy meals, fresh meats and fresh produce to prepare meals at their homes for their families.

Healthy Meals Served

Our Programs

It takes more than food to fight hunger. We believe that overall wellness begins with food and health education and our ultimate goal is to provide numerous programs that help families gain long-term food security.

At Minnie’s Food Pantry, our programs provide families and individuals healthy meals as well as an array of additional tools and resources. Each program allows an opportunity for the community to become involved with making sure that their neighbor has access to one of life’s most basic necessities, and whether you enjoy serving seniors, children, veterans or the homeless community, Minnie’s Food Pantry offers programs that you can champion and become an advocate for!

The Latest from Minnie's Food Pantry

Minnie’s Food Pantry is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization that provides over ONE MILLION MEALS to more than 60,000 individuals annually! As one of the largest food pantries in North Texas, Minnie’s Food Pantry has been named the #1 Charity in Dallas and Community Partner of The Year by The City of Plano! Minnie’s Food Pantry has been featured on: Steve Harvey Show, American Bible Challenge, Food Network Channel, Good Morning America, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show!

To stay connected with Minnie’s Food Pantry visit our blog or find us on Facebook at or follow us on Twitter & Instagram: @MinniesPantry


Host a food drive or add a few items to your cart during your shopping trip, we always accept non-perishable items!


Every dollar donated to Minnie’s Food Pantry provides 3 meals to families we serve. Consider making a gift today!


Time is one of our most precious gifts. Will you consider giving yours by volunteering at Minnie’s Food Pantry?


Do you have a voice and want to use it to make a difference? Join Minnie’s Food Pantry in the fight against hunger as a #HungerHero

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