Brandon C. – Corporate Volunteer

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Fall 2011

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Thanksgiving Giveaway

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Favorite Minnie's Story

No way to provide one story for how Minnie's has changed my life. Every time I go, I feel an overwhelming emotion of gratitude and humility. From the very first time i came to serve to now my entire family, and extended family serves here. My wife just celebrated her birthday at Minnie's. #HereToServe

What do you love most about Minnie's

What I love most about Minnie's is the People; all the way from the people we serve to the people who I have the opportunity to serve along side. Always an adventure and always Humbling

I would love Minnie's to expand on outreach into communities via mobility. I think Mobile Minnie's has a ring to it. Minnie's Meal Truck. I would love to Grow Legacy Day to be able to get into schools, churches, scouts, to where we can go mobile as well.