Brandon C. – Corporate Volunteer

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Fall 2011

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Thanksgiving Giveaway

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Minnie’s is important to the community because:

They offer a solution by providing food to families that would go without if not for Cheryl's vision.

Favorite Minnie’s Story

No way to provide one story for how Minnie's has changed my life. Every time I go, I feel an overwhelming emotion of gratitude and humility. From the very first time i came to serve to now my entire family, and extended family serves here. My wife just celebrated her birthday at Minnie's. #HereToServe

What do you love most about Minnie’s

What I love most about Minnie's is the People; all the way from the people we serve to the people who I have the opportunity to serve along side. Always an adventure and always Humbling

I would love Minnie's to expand on outreach into communities via mobility. I think Mobile Minnie's has a ring to it. Minnie's Meal Truck. I would love to Grow Legacy Day to be able to get into schools, churches, scouts, to where we can go mobile as well.