Cardboard Baler Donated by Kroger

Thank you kroger

Kroger’s Zero Waste program focuses on eliminating waste within our communities and by donating a cardboard baler to Minnie’s Food Pantry, they are helping us do JUST THAT!!!

Cardboard Balers, also known as a cardboard compactor, are designed to compress empty cardboard boxes or other bulk packaging materials down into bales or bundles. Once the cardboard is compressed, the bales or bundles are tied off, reducing them to a much smaller, more manageable size.

Each week, Minnie’s Food Pantry has been sending truckloads of cardboard to the local dump to offload boxes.

Now, thanks to our partners at Kroger, we are able to recycle these items at no cost to us! Through this incredible baler donated by our friends at Kroger, Minnie’s Food Pantry is able to expand our going green initiative and continue helping to create a “healthier” environment by re-purposing nearly 2-3 TONS of cardboard EACH MONTH!!

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