Minnie's and the Coronavirus Impact on Our Communities


coronavirus-texas-minnies-food-pantry-effects In the immediate weeks following the outbreak of The Coronavirus here in North Texas, Minnie's Food Pantry (MFP) has witnessed first-hand the severity of the coronavirus and the detrimental impact it has on our communities, even those individuals who may have not come in contact with the disease directly. From hours and wages being decreased to small businesses experiencing less and less clientele, school closures, and stores running out of basic necessities and vital food components, the need for supplemental assistance is more vital now than ever!

Increase in need, decrease in donations throughout COVID-19

As schools are extending spring breaks, events are being canceled across North Texas, and in an effort to partake in social distancing in hopes of flattening the curve caused by COVID-19, many North Texans have begun to feel the economical effects of this life-threatening disease and in order to ease the blow and further assist those in need, Minnie's Food Pantry will remain open in times such as this.

Typically serving an average of 5,000 individuals per calendar month, Minnie's Food Pantry is now seeing a 39% increase in clientele. The number of clients is naturally on the rise as we always see a surge during times when schools are closed, however, with the extended school closures, many people out of work, combined with the fact that many items are not accessible in local stores, we see a higher number of families served than usual.

Your support is so crucial during the coronavirus pandemic

coronavirus-texas-minnies-food-pantryAside from the increase in families needing assistance, volunteer groups are canceling in support of social distancing and many companies are no longer supporting offsite activities during times such as this to protect the health of their staff. Additionally, the majority of food drives were hosted by corporations and service groups who are no longer gathering, also in support of social distancing and healthy safety efforts. Our shelves are going bare. With no food drives and minimal donations combined with an increase in families served, the outgoing far exceeds the incoming.

It is the immediate plan of Minnie's Food Pantry to remain open to further assist those who are struggling and those who are now looking for a place to receive help after being affected by the unforeseen aftermath of times such as this. But that can only be so as long as shelves remain full.

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