Donate Stock, Service, or Vehicle

Donate Stocks

Donating appreciated stock can be a smart move from a tax perspective - not to mention an incredibly valuable contribution to Minnie's Food Pantry. You as the donating investors pay no capital gains tax on the transaction while Minnie's Food Pantry reaps the benefits of an asset it can use later on. You can take a charitable deduction for the stock's fair market value on the day stock is given. In some instances, donating appreciated stock in your portfolio can be better than giving cash. 

Donate Vehicle

Donating a vehicle can not only help us immensely but also lower your tax burden and give more room in your garage! Thank you for considering Minnie's Food Pantry.

Donate Goods or Services

For years Minnie's Food Pantry needed a baler to help us recycle the cardboard boxes we couldn't use.

Kroger's Zero Waste program focuses on eliminating waste within our communities and they donated a cardboard baler to Minnie's Food Pantry, to help us do just that.  Every week Minnie's had been sending truckloads of cardboard to the local dump to offload boxes.

Thanks to our partners at Kroger, we are able to recycle these items at no cost to us! Through a donation by our friends at Kroger, allows Minnie's to expand our going green initiative and continue helping to create a "healthier" environment by re-purposing nearly 2-3 TONS of cardboard EACH MONTH!!

We rely on donations of products and/or services to keep our costs down and direct our resources towards feeding the hungry.

Do you have a business, service or product or work for a corporation that allows you to donate your time, talents, or supplies?  We'd love to hear from you!