Empowerment Center

At Minnie's Food Pantry, we have created an Empowerment Center where individuals can participate in a variety of classes and workshops in an effort to empower, encourage and educate our constituents.

These classes range from financial literacy, health, and wellness, nutrition, job skills training, resume building, Microsoft classes, how-to training, and hands-on learning opportunities.

For every class attended, participants receive a $50 voucher to spend at Minnie's Boutique.

  • Those who do not qualify for the monthly voucher CAN STILL receive a voucher for classes completed.
  • Some classes have requirements. Please read all details BEFORE signing up.
  • During high-traffic times, participants may be limited to (1) class per month.
  • Participants MUST pay attention and be fully engaged.
  • Post-class surveys should be completed in their entirety to receive credit for the class.
  • Please note: Arriving more than 10 minutes late will remove you from the class. Please be respectful of other class participants and teachers.
Learn more about Minnie's Boutique.