Service Days During COVID-19


Minnie's Food Pantry is now back to regular service hours!

Minnie's Food Pantry began seeing the growing number of people in need as a direct result of COVID-19. The decision to open the facilities six days was a clear choice when we have already seen the coronavirus pandemic leave an economical effect on the community as a whole.

"Last week we had 150 new families come through our doors. These people have never been to Minnie's before; they never found themselves in a position where they needed food assistance. But as we continue to serve these families and hear their stories, we are learning how COVID-19 is changing lives and causing financial strains on so many people - we are all feeling the effects of The Coronavirus in one way or another, but it is our job at Minnie's Food Pantry to help relieve the burden of wondering where the next meal will come from. It's the least we can do, and if we can make life just a little bit easier for someone else, especially in trying times like this, then we have done our job!"

- Minnie's Food Pantry founder, Cheryl Jackson

Now open regular business hours

Minnie's Food Pantry promises to continue providing the same red-carpet treatment
to all those experiencing food insecurity and will continue to provide non-perishable items, fresh meats, fresh produce, dairy products, and bakery goods for as long as possible.

Helping Minnie's Food Pantry

  • Donate online it's simple and secure
  • Text to give: text MINNIES to 41444 Every dollar = 3 meals!
  • Drop off food donations Monday-Saturday 7:30 AM-Noon
  • Shop & ship our Amazon wishlist
  • Become a social media volunteer Follow Minnie's Food Pantry on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! REPOST & Tag @MinniesPantry using hashtags #MinniesPantry #FeedJustOne #ShareLOVENotGerms #MFPSocialVolunteer

Donate Online or texting the word MINNIES to 41444

Every dollar= 3 meals!