Minnie?s Food Pantry Goes GREEN!


Minnie?s Food Pantry is honored to be a recipient of GME Sun Club2019 Grant in an effort to advance sustainable communities.

Since inception, Minnie?s Food Pantry has placed an emphasis on the word ?healthy.? It is through healthyeating, healthyfinances, and healthyminds that lives can be transformed and long-term security can be achieved. Over the years, this mindset has become more of a lifestyle, and we are honored to partner with GME Sun Club to take our healthyorganization one step further, by utilizing renewable energy provided by a 120 kW Solar Array. 

Funding from GME Sun Club will leave a lasting impact on Minnie?s Food Pantry and our community by offsetting (conservatively) 51% of our annual electrical utility usage. This offset allows us to provide 44,529 meals annuallyby reducing expenses associated with electricity usage AND is equivalent to:

  • 303,240 Miles driven by an average passenger vehicle
  • 135,587 pounds of Coal burned
  • 15,814,727 Smart Phones Charged
  • Carbon sequestered by 146 acres of U.S. forests in one year

“The Green Mountain Energy Sun Club is proud to partner with Minnie’s Food Pantry in the shared mission of creating a healthier environment. Minnie’s move will double their capacity to serve the community, but that doesn’t mean higher electricity bills. Over 50% of the facility’s electricity usage will be offset by a new 120 kW solar array donated by Sun Club.” –Stacy Mehlhoff, Executive Director of the Sun Club

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