Our Programs

Senior Citizen Christmas Bash

The forgotten generation is what they call themselves, but not if Minnie’s Food Pantry can help it. Gather a group of co-workers and adopt a few of our senior citizens for the holidays. They are so grateful for the smallest gift. It is really the thought that counts.

Feeding 10,000 Thanksgiving Giveaway

What would Thanksgiving be like, without a turkey? Our Thanksgiving Giveaway is our largest event of the year, utilizing over 450 volunteers who sing, laugh, and dance as they dedicate their time to feed over ten thousand people in our community.

Minnie's Blessings Christmas Giveaway

When times are tough, some families have to bypass the Christmas presents and focus on providing the necessities. Our mission is to bring the joy of the holidays back to families in need by providing a healthy meal and gifts they otherwise would not receive.

Year-Round Programs by Minnie's Food Pantry

Sponsor a Truck

Volunteering with your co-workers is a great way to build camaraderie and teamwork. We welcome corporate groups of all sizes to volunteer at Minnie's Food Pantry.


Feed Just One

Named after the quote from Mother Teresa, "If you can't feed one hundred people, Feed Just ONE." Minnie's Food Pantry distributes free healthy meals to families in need.


Camille's Kids

We believe every kid should "C-A-Meal". C-A-Mille's Kids Program focuses on the children in our community and making sure no kid goes hungry in North Texas.

The Pantry Project

We know the importance of fighting childhood hunger. We are proud to expand our programs through satellite locations in schools nationwide.

Our Daily Bread

We partner with veterans & senior living facilities to ensure those who have given so much of themselves throughout their lifetime are given healthy and fresh food items.


Let us help you choose the right program for you. Contact info@minniesfoodpantry.org for more information. Thank you for your interested in Minnie's Food Pantry!

Every program has a story behind it and every program is coordinated with the family and volunteers in mind. Our programs are sponsored by corporations, churches, groups, and individuals who have done one of three things: experienced hunger, experienced how we feed the hungry or have never had to worry about missing a meal so they pass along their blessings. We realize that all it takes is one person, group or corporation to say "YES, I will help" and our programs will continue. Will you be the ONE?


Host a food drive or add a few items to your cart during your shopping trip, we always accept non-perishable items!


Every dollar donated to Minnie’s Food Pantry provides 3 meals to families we serve. Consider making a gift today!


Time is one of our most precious gifts. Will you consider giving yours by volunteering at Minnie’s Food Pantry?


Do you have a voice and want to use it to make a difference? Join Minnie’s Food Pantry in the fight against hunger as a #HungerHero