Minnie's Food Pantry hosted our 15th Feeding 10,000 Thanksgiving giveaway, where we were able to provide turkeys and holiday meals to 15,337 people here in North Texas! 342 volunteers came together on Saturday, November 19th to make it possible while Emerald City Band and Paula Abdul provided LIVE entertainment for the families that we served. 1,015 volunteers served with us leading up to the big day to prepare, as there was no shortage of work to be done.

What would Thanksgiving be like without a turkey?

Each year Minnie's Food Pantry hosts an annual Thanksgiving giveaway where volunteers and community sponsors come together to distribute complete Thanksgiving meals (including a turkey and all the trimmings) to families who would otherwise go without in North Texas.

We are headed into the busiest season of the year for Minnie's Food Pantry as we prepare to serve over 3,000 families in need of a Thanksgiving meal. We are committed to providing each of these families with a turkey and the trimmings needed to prepare a complete holiday meal for their loved ones. With the help of nearly 400 volunteers and our event sponsors from USAA, 7 Eleven, Witherite Law, Cigna, and Capital One, Minnie's Food Pantry is able to relieve the worry of thousands of families who are facing hunger and food insecurity.

With turkey prices over 73% higher than in previous years, supply chain issues and shortages, we are grateful for our community partners that have come together to make a stance that hunger is not acceptable and Thanksgiving is for loved ones to spend together in the presence of one another, regardless of their financial circumstances. Time together is priceless, and to be able to provide this for 3,000+ families here across North Texas is an honor in and of itself.

We are excited to announce PAULA ABDUL as our celebrity guest for the morning. Live music and entertainment will be provided by Dallas' very own, Emerald City Band and our friends at Dillas Quesadillas will be cooking up lunch for our Thanksgiving volunteers!

For those who are interested in sponsoring a holiday meal for a family in need, you can do so for as little as $75 (including the turkey). Consider making a donation today!

For those in need of a holiday meal, please be sure to register by October 31st. You can register via this online form.

Can you give this Thanksgiving?

If it were not for Minnie's Food Pantry, we would be eating TV dinners for Thanksgiving. Without them, we wouldn't have a turkey and my children DESERVE to have a home-cooked holiday meal. Thank you to Minnie's Food Pantry and the volunteers that made sure we could celebrate like everyone else. You have given us the gift of family this Thanksgiving.

- Sydney W.

Complete Thanksgiving Meal


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A special thank you to our sponsors of Feeding 10,000  Thanksgiving Giveaway possible.


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