What would Thanksgiving be like without a turkey?

Each year Minnie's Food Pantry hosts an annual Thanksgiving giveaway where volunteers and community sponsors come together to distribute complete Thanksgiving meals (including a turkey and all the trimmings) to families who would otherwise go without in North Texas.

Complete Thanksgiving Meal


Feeding 10,000 People

As we sit down to carve our turkeys and eat our mashed potatoes and cornbread with loved ones, remember the families who are less fortunate and unable to celebrate the holidays without our help!

Every person deserves a hot meal and every family should be able to celebrate the holidays with their loved ones!

That is where YOU come in!! For as little as $50 you can sponsor a holiday meal for a family in need. It is time to give thanks and show our gratitude by generously sharing our gifts with families less fortunate. Please consider how you can make a difference and ensure that families across North Texas have a Thanksgiving meal. Remember, there is always something to be thankful for. Minnie's Food Pantry is thankful for YOU and your support.

Can you give this Thanksgiving?

If it were not for Minnie's Food Pantry, we would be eating TV dinners for Thanksgiving. Without them, we wouldn't have a turkey and my children DESERVE to have a home-cooked holiday meal. Thank you to Minnie's Food Pantry and the volunteers that made sure we could celebrate like everyone else. You have given us the gift of family this Thanksgiving.

- Sydney W.

Can you help sponsor a family?

Our Sponsors

A special thank you to our sponsors of Feeding 10,000  Thanksgiving Giveaway possible.

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Thank you for another year of entertainment for both volunteers and guests.