Feeding 10,000 Thanksgiving Giveaway

What would Thanksgiving be like, without a turkey?

Our Thanksgiving Giveaway is our largest event of the year, utilizing over 450 volunteers who sing, laugh, and dance as they dedicate their time to feed over ten thousand people in our community. Families receive all the necessary ingredients for a complete Thanksgiving meal… a turkey and all the trimmings.With your help, we'll ensure at least 10,000 people don't have to experience Thanksgiving without a turkey.


Hosted by Tamela and David Mann

Over 450 Volunteers

Feeding 10,000 People

Sponsor a Complete Thanksgiving Meal for a Family in Need for only $50

Text "FEED10000" to 41444

Our Sponsors

A special thank you to our sponsors of Feeding 10,000 - Thanksgiving Giveaway possible.