We are proud to deliver food to senior citizens, veterans and the homeless.

We partner monthly with senior living facilities to deliver food to their residence.

For over five years Minnie's Food Pantry has delivered food to our senior citizens neighbors in need.  We witnessed five senior citizens getting out of a taxi cab one day and we inquired about where they came from and what their needs were. We had to get involved after we learned these senior citizens made less than $9,000 a year on government assistance and we saw empty dog and cat food cans in their apartments but the sad part is they didn't own any animals.  We also discovered every Tuesday they played bingo in hopes to win a prize which was one roll of toilet paper.  We knew we had to get involved and stay and involved and because of your support we have remained consistent in our mission of providing them healthy meals and hope for their future.


If veterans are willing to fight for our freedom, we should be willing to fight for their meals.

We also ensure that our veterans, those men, and women who have given so much of themselves throughout their lifetime are given healthy and fresh food to prepare a meal for themselves and their families.

We can't turn our heads to the growing need of the homeless in our community.

At some point, everyone will have to see what the face of hunger looks like and you will be surprised to see it.  The homeless population is growing in every city and we must join together to make sure they are provided a meal, they deserve it.

To learn how to sponsor a program, email info@minniesfoodpantry.org or call (972) 596-0253.

VIP Program Wish List

    • Single-serve, 6 oz pop-top can of meat
    • Single-serve, 6 oz pop-top can of fruit
    • Granola bars
    • Individual packages of chips
    • Single-serve trail mix, cookies, or dried fruit
    • Single-serve boxes of cereal
    • Jars of peanut butter
    • Inspirational signed card for the recipient

Feeding senior citizens

Feeding veterans

Providing instant meals

Help Us Deliver Meals Where They are Needed

To learn more, email [email protected] or call (972) 596-0253

Our Programs

Sponsor a Truck

Volunteering with your co-workers is a great way to build camaraderie and teamwork. We welcome corporate groups of all sizes to volunteer at Minnie’s Food Pantry.


We partner with school districts to deliver food and to put pantries inside of schools. We know the importance of fighting childhood hunger.

Drive-Thru Service

Wednesday-Saturday at our Plano location serves families with dignity and integrity.

Minnie’s on the Go

Hunger is everywhere, so are we. We deliver food to senior citizens, veterans, and day laborers.