Oprah Winfrey shines the light on food insecurity


The facts are real, our charity has gone from serving 5,000 people per month to an all-time high of 30,000 people per month since the pandemic hit.

This wasn’t the first time Oprah has helped Minnie’s Food Pantry! She attended our 2018 gala and has donated to Minnie’s Food Pantry. She is a true powerhouse – and her words and influence can help us fill our empty shelves. We are forever grateful for her support.

On December 24th when we walked out of Minnies our shelves were empty! We literally had only 11 boxes of cereal and enough healthy food boxes to distribute for only one day.

As we approach the new year, thousands of people will need food assistance and they rely on food pantries like Minnies to help supplement their food needs.

Many kids are being homeschooled which means they need more food in their houses and we are partners with the school district to ensure they have meals.

Take a look at our shelves and we hope we can count on you to host a food drive. Just like Oprah has made a difference in so many lives, you can, too.

In honor of our upcoming 13-year celebration, can you donate at least $13 which provides 39 meals for families in need? Even a small contribution makes a big difference.

Thank you (and Oprah) for your support.

Team Minnie’s Food Pantry

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