The Face of Hunger

Kristina's Story

The pandemic has caused middle to upper-class families to rely on a food pantry for meals.

I have heard their stories and some are frightened at what the future holds.  Many of the people were once donors to charities and now they need help.  They share how although they didn't want to come to a food pantry, they knew they could come to Minnie's Food Pantry and be treated with dignity and respect.  That certainly made me happy.

However, imagine my surprise when I spoke to Kristina, a long-time Minnie's Food Pantry supporter who was a Vice President at TGI FRIDAYS.  She was instrumental in getting our first 24 foot truck and new computers donated.  She used her voice to secure amazing donations for our annual gala.

Kristina shared how she lost her job immediately when COVID-19 hit and how challenging it was for her to find employment.

I can't tell you how heartbroken I was when to learn that she and her family needed something as simple as a meal. The crazy part is she didn't call me to ask for a meal, I had to ask her.  When she said yes, I asked, "why didn't you call me?"  She said, "I thought someone else needed it more than I did."

I am pleased to announce that she has since found gainful employment, but I want to celebrate her bravery in sharing her story.

It's OK not to be OK. Often, when we serve people, someone will look at me with tears in their eyes and I will ask them the question "Do you get it?" Most will say yes.

If you get it ....please consider joining others and become a monthly donor.

We are asking our supporters to donate a minimum of $13 per month ( although most donors have done so much more and if you can do more, please do so)  Your $13 dollar donation will provide 500 meals for the year to someone in need.   Let's celebrate serving our community together. Will you be one of Minnie's supporters? Let me say thank you in advance.

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