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DALLAS (August 7, 2019)? Minnie?s Food Pantry is opening its doors for service for the very first time at their new home located at 661 E 18thStreet, Plano, TX 75074. For the last four months, Minnie?s Food Pantry has been working diligently to create a safe space for those in need to not only put food on their tables, but also receive additional resources in an effort to transform their lives.

?For multiple reasons, we felt the time had come for us to expand and find our forever home in Collin County,? says Jackson, Minnie?s Food Pantry founder. ?There remains a growing need to combat food insecurity, and we continue to have our desire to provide numerous programs including job skills training that help families gain long-term food security. That need for more expansion, and the oppositions we were facing from landlords, gave us the perfect opportunity to grow.?

Through 11 years and over 9.7 million meals served, Minnie?s has moved from shopping-center locations of 500 square feet to 16,000, but now has a 28,343-square foot stand-alone home of its own to serve as distribution hub, state-of-the-art volunteer center and a resale boutique. The facility, which was identified and obtained through the help of collaborative realtor Cawley Partners.

In support of the expansion of Minnie?s Food Pantry?s facility Green Mountain Energy Sun Clubhas generously provided a solar system to reduce its carbon footprint and to mitigate some costs associated with increased utility bills in a larger home. 

?The Green Mountain Energy Sun Club is proud to partner with Minnie’s Food Pantry in the shared mission of creating sustainable communities by providing renewable energy and addressing food insecurity,? says Sun Club Executive Director Stacy Mehlhoff. ?Minnie’s move will double its capacity to serve the community, but that doesn’t mean a greater burden on the environment or higher electricity bills. More than 50 percent of the facility?s electricity usage will be offset by a new 120 kW solar array donated by Sun Club.?

Wells Fargo Bank has been a longtime supporter of Minnie?s Food Pantry and has committed to sponsoring the new state-of-the-art volunteer center with a $200,000 donation towards the expansion of Minnie?s Food Pantry?s new facility. 


Other community partners, such as Varidesk have stepped up to fill the needs of Minnie?s Food Pantry by creating organic relationships that align with their expertise by furnishing Minnie?s Food Pantry?s new training facility, conference rooms and resource lounge with all new Varidesk products. 

At Home has taken charge to bring a new level of beauty to Minnie?s Food Pantry by utilizing their design team to decorate Minnie?s Food Pantry?s M-Powerment Center. 

Prospective partners are encouraged to inquire via [email protected]

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