Thomas S – Individual Volunteer


Volunteer Since

August 2019

Loves Serving During

Christmas Giveaway

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Favorite Minnie's Story

I served on Christmas Eve and it was a wonderful experience. Giving away so many toys and bikes and seeing the impact on children's lives and the gratitude on the parent?s faces was a memory I will never forget. But for me the greatest part was a month later on a Saturday, a woman really needed to talk to me. I was helping others with forms and someone came and got me and said this woman insists on speaking to you. So I walk over and she looks me straight in the eye and says "Tom you were instrumental in getting my nephew a bike on Christmas Eve and I just wanted to personally thank you. Can I give you a hug?" She had tears in her eyes and as I hugged her, so did I.

What do you love most about Minnie's

The people and the energy I get from interacting with and helping others. The people who come in for service are always thankful, but they don't know how much it helps me to make a small difference in their lives.

I started to volunteer at Minnie's as part of a larger plan to battle back from a serious depressive episode. There is no way to express how much I have personally benefited from volunteering at Minnie's every week. It has made me a more patient, caring person and my world view has changed from one of attitude to one of gratitude. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of a wonderful organization that does so much for the community - and for me.